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Dextrose 50% 50ml syringes alternatives

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How has your institution manage the dextrose 50% 50ml syringe shortage? We are looking into the use of Dextrose 10% IV piggy as an alternative. I found 2 studies but are mostly for emergency medicine.

I would greatly appreciate some insight.

System-level FDA Recall Management

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Does anybody have a system-level policy/process regarding management of recalls for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment/devices, etc they could share? I’m specifically interested in any policies/mechanisms that include requirements for individual facilities to report back to system leadership about recall impact and actions taken in response to a recall (e.g., quantity on hand, quantity unaccounted for, removal of product from stock completed, # of patients affected, level of patient harm, was patient notification necessary, patient notification completed).

Auditing Non-Profiled ADMs

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I was hoping someone could provide information pertaining to the following questions.

1. Do you have any non-profiled Automatic Dispensing Machines (ADMs) in your institution?

If the answer is no, the survey ends here.

2. Do you audit medications pulled from ADMs against orders in non-profiled areas?

If the answer is no, the survey ends here.

Patient allergies to medication excipients identification and prevention

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Dear All:
I would like to enquire your process to identify and prevent patient allergies to medication excipients.
We had one patient who has a documented allergy to peanut and sesame oil. She was prescribed a medication suppository that contains a peanut oil.
This was not discovered by the patient's physician nor pharmacist, but it was discovered by the patient her self while reading about the medication in our patient education website.

CPOT Assessment

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For those of you using CPOT assessment in your ICUs, could you please share your protocol or policy? Specifically the guidance to nurses on titrating analgesic drips to reach appropriate doses (i.e. are you doing an “analgesic holiday”, how often, when to do the CPOT assessment after rate reduction, etc.). Any guidance or information would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me directly if preferred.

Thank you