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Xolair Monitoring

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Hi there!

I wondered if anyone had any protocols or guidelines in your ambulatory spaces regarding monitoring / observation recommendations following administration of Omalizumab (Xolair®) in the outpatient or infusion center setting?

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Monoclonal Antibody handling

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Our institution has started a discussion around what PPE and preparation precautions should be in place for monoclonal antibodies (in both the inpatient and ambulatory setting). We recognize that the only monoclonal antibodies that fall on the NIOSH hazardous drug list include those that are conjugated to an antineoplastic (eg, gemtuzumab)... whereas other commonly used mAbs (eg, infliximab, omalizumab-outpatient) are not present in the list. (I did attach two articles that leaned towards treating these agents as hazardous medications.)

Vivitrol, Revia, Suboxone and opiates

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We're trying to develop a good process for handling patients who are struggling with an opiate addiction and are on oral or injectable naloxone or Suboxone therapy. Specifically, how do we identify these patients? How do we treat them where they are under our care? How do we avoid discharging them on opiates?

Have any of you addressed this issue? Can you share your processes?

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Medication error rate KPI

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Dear Colleagues,

Hope you are doing great
As you all know, every healthcare organization has it's own KPI ( key performance indicator ) for medication error rate followup which aim to control medication errors among the hospital and help to prevent recurrence of incidents, my inquiries about if you have formula or equation to determine the internal target of medication error rate that you will achieve it quarterly or monthly ( regarding the international target is it 2% - 14% ). Any participation will be highly appreciable. Thanks

Standardized order set for Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in Surgery

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If anyone is willing to share your organizations standardized order set and/or policy for antimicrobial prophylaxis in Surgery. I would be very grateful. Thank you. ...

Brenda Santiago, BSPharm, RPh, CPPS
Quality and Medication Safety Specialist
HIMA San Pablo Hospital
Caguas, PR

Multi-Dose Vials in patient rooms with isolation precautions

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How does your organization address the use of multi-dose vials in patient rooms that are in isolation status?

Most inpatient care areas in my organization have medication storage just outside of the patient rooms (in a locked medication drawer). The question has come up for patients that are in isolation, what is the most appropriate way to store MDVs like insulin? We use BCMA and would typically prep the insulin at the bedside and return it to the drawer to be used solely for that patient. But if the patient is in isolation, that complicates things (risk of contamination).