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Share with your Anesthesiology Department: Opioid Safety Symposium at ASA

Opioids are still among the most frequent high-alert medications to cause patient harm, and anesthesia providers are in a key position to support improved understanding of the risks associated with the use of opioids. An ISMP symposium on opioid safety is being held at the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting on October 22, 2017 in Boston, MA. Please encourage your anesthesiology department to attend--there will be discussion about current opioid medication safety challenges and the potential leadership role for anesthesiologists in error prevention. For more information or to register, go to:

23.4% Sodium Chloride and Heparin for Stroke Patients

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What is your policy for dispensing and/or storing 23.4% sodium chloride on nursing units? Do you stock in ADCs? Do you allow this to be on override status? Do you monitor overrides to ensure scheduled doses are being pulled by patient and not override? Do you identify in some way that this is a concentrated product? Do you have a policy for heparin use in patients with delayed neurological deficit? Do you have an order set for heparin in DND?

Cactus vs CsRx

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Are any institutions currently utilizing the Cactus, CsRx, or other controlled substance waste disposal systems?

If so, what do you feel are the pros/cons of your choosen system?

R. Bajwa, PharmD
Medication Safety Coordinator
Community Memorial Health System
Ventura, CA

Nursing driven protocol for argatroban (HIT)

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Hi All,

Our organization is reviewing the possibility of creating nursing driven protocol for management of argatroban (dose titration based on aPTT) for heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT).

Please share your experience. Is it done at your institution? If yes, what obstacles have you encountered in implementing the nursing driven protocol.

I appreciate your feedback,

Thank you,

Agnieszka Pasternak

IV Room Automation

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Attention MSOS Sig:

We are doing a survey of pharmacy personnel that use IV room automation to quantify its benefits in terms of safety, efficiency, productivity, and financial return on investment.

For those of you that use that information, I would ask if you could take a few minutes and complete our survey to help our team put data around this type of automation.

Here is the link and details to the survey, please cut and paste in your browser:

Rectal Instillation of Meds

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We have seen a recent uptick in the ordering of vancomycin to be administered rectally as a retention enema. I haven't had much luck finding best practices for nursing procedure. Does anyone have a policy or resource they can share? I've reached out to Flexiseal (rectal tube) as this seems like the best option that I have found so far.