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duplicate doses across tranfers

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Hi, a question for Epic users,
What is your means of minimizing risk of duplicate dosing of drugs such as vancomycin when the patient receives a pre-op dose in OR, then after procedure returns to floor, then receives another dose based on an active MAR order.
Is the Transfer navigator used appropriately/effectively?
Do you use duplicate dose alerts?
Thank you for your input.

Ordering MABs for non-chemo indications

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We have noticed an increase use of monoclonal antibodies (MABs)for non-chemo indications, and when prescribed it has been noticed paperwork or labs are missed.

To safely order MABs for non-chemo indications, how do others utilize the capabilities of their CPOE system? Has this been a concern at any other sites?

Thank you in advance for the responses. It is highly appreciated.


Standard Concentrations of Heparin in Cath Labs

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I'm really hoping someone has tackled this and made some headway that they don't mind sharing. Has anyone been able to standardize the # and amount of heparin flush concentrations used in Cath Lab for heparin flush bowls and bags. If so how many concentrations have you been able to standardize to, and which concentrations? Do you have any evidenced based literature to support the concentrations you're using and the need for a certain number of concentrations.

JTip in outpatient setting

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Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone else used J-Tips in the Ambulatory / Outpatient office practices for the purpose of starting IVs or outpatient joint injections?

Just looking to connect with someone who has either permitted this (to hear about how you operationalized) or who has prohibited (and what you use instead, arguments against).


HIgh Alert Medication labelling in the code box/ crash carts

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Dear all:
In King Faisal Specialist Hospital & research Center We where surveyed by the Joint Commission International (JCI) couple of months back, one of their findings was related to the labeling of high alert medications in the code boxes (crash carts) with a High Alert Stickers/ labels.
Currently we do not mandate labeling the high alert medications in the crash carts with a High Alert sticker/ label, knowing that almost all the medications in the crash cart are high alert and the whole code situation is a high risk critical situation.
My question:

EPINEPHrine Administration for Anaphylaxis

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Hi all,

My health system is looking for ideas to optimize our risk reduction strategies for EPINEPHrine administration errors for anaphylaxis in the acute and ambulatory settings.

1. Are you using autoinjectors?
2. Are you using "kits" with ampules or vials?

Please provide details on how you've managed either strategy.

Thanks in advance,


Baxa TPN Compounder tubing set shortage

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​There is a shortage of tubing sets for the Baxa EM2400 TPN compounder with no release date in sight (#173 & 174). What kind of mitigation strategies are facilities using? We plan on using each tubing set for 48 hours to preserve our supplies. This will increase the risk of infection, but I feel it is outweighed by the risk of error that would be caused by manually drawing up TPN ingredients. Thoughts??