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for facilities using Horizon's Meds Manager - IV fills

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Hi all,
Our department is reviewing our IV processes for efficiency and waste reduction.
We are not a 24/7 operation and currently run 1 24hr fill list a day for our in-patient pharmacy-prepared IV meds.
We utilize Horizon's Meds Manager as our PIS.

We are investigating running a 2nd IV fill with the goal of reducing the number of IVs we process for patient's who get discharged within that 24hr period. This would reduce the IV room workload as well as reduce medication waste.

EHR Solution? - Unmeasurable Peds Liquid Doses

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Posting on behalf of Stephanie O’Brien, PGY1 Resident:


For my research project this year I identified a liquid medication dosing error in our neonatal intensive care unit that is not detected by our electronic health record. Physicians enter a mg/kg dose into the EHR which automatically calculates a mL dose based on the patient's weight and the drug concentration. The EHR does NOT alert the physician if the mL dose is unmeasurable so we are seeing several instances where patients are being prescribed unmeasurable doses.

Insulin Hyperkalemia treatment kits

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Has anyone developed in Regular Insulin Hyperkalemia Treatment kit to facilitate IV push correct dose/route for IV push treatment to prevent errors.

1. IF YES, is it working well?
2. IF NO, what other solutions are you using to prevent wrong dose wrong route errors? Are they working?

Thanks very much,

Medication Safety and IT Governance Structure Query

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Hi all,

The ASHP medication safety SAG is interested in learning about different health systems' EHR governance structures and coordination of changes to systems.

Please find attached a document requesting information about your health system's clinical decision support governance structure. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey!

ISMP Releases Guidelines on Safe Subcutaneous Insulin Use

For years, insulin has been shown to be associated with more medication error-related harm than any other drug. The new ISMP Guidelines for Optimizing Safe Subcutaneous Insulin Use in Adults are designed to help healthcare practitioners prevent errors and improve outcomes for patients with diabetes. The guidelines, based on a multidisciplinary consensus conference of experts, provide recommendations for avoiding at-risk behaviors involving subcutaneous insulin across the entire continuum of care, including prescribing, preparation and administration, monitoring, and patient education. The document also addresses evolving practices, devices, and technology that aim to enhance the safety of insulin use, such as with concentrated insulin and insulin pen devices. For a copy, visit:

Baxter SIGMA Non-DEHP Tubing

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For those using Baxter SIGMA pumps, when using a non-DEHP tubing set, have you encountered issues with incomplete infusions (apparent overfill) based on the following:
"When evaluated over a one-hour period, the Flow rate accuracy will range ±10% from the expected volume" (source:

If yes, what steps have you taken to address these issues?