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Standardized order set for Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in Surgery

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If anyone is willing to share your organizations standardized order set and/or policy for antimicrobial prophylaxis in Surgery. I would be very grateful. Thank you. ...

Brenda Santiago, BSPharm, RPh, CPPS
Quality and Medication Safety Specialist
HIMA San Pablo Hospital
Caguas, PR

Multi-Dose Vials in patient rooms with isolation precautions

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How does your organization address the use of multi-dose vials in patient rooms that are in isolation status?

Most inpatient care areas in my organization have medication storage just outside of the patient rooms (in a locked medication drawer). The question has come up for patients that are in isolation, what is the most appropriate way to store MDVs like insulin? We use BCMA and would typically prep the insulin at the bedside and return it to the drawer to be used solely for that patient. But if the patient is in isolation, that complicates things (risk of contamination).

Implanted Intrathecal pain pumps

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1. How are implanted Intrathecal pumps documented at your institution?
2. Are medication orders entered on the MAR for these infusions?
3. How are drug combinations orders handled such as clonidine/HYDROmorphone or morphine/bupivacaine; i.e., are these combinations setup in the hospital formulary for CPOE, ordersets, etc?
4. Is a Pain Management Consult required.
5. If not, who reads the pump programming?
6. Do you have a policy governing IT pump use in the hospital?
7. Are you willing to share policies and/or ordersets?

Thanks, Vic

Meds to Beds

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Does your outpatient pharmacy deliver discharge medications to the patient’s bedside?

If yes, where are they stored if the patient is not ready for discharge?

Thank you,
Ann Jankiewicz, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL

Appropriateness review for procedural medications

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Just wanted to inquire if anyone has addressed in your EHR, appropriateness review (e.g., drug allergy check; drug-drug interaction, etc.) for procedural medications (e.g., local anesthetic for dental procedures; local anesthetic for central line insertion, etc.)?

Thank you for any feedback.