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The most recent ISMP newsletter featured article presents a case for why MSO positions are crucial for healthcare organizations. In addition to providing resources to build a case for adding an MSO to staff, the article includes links to educational and professional opportunities for MSOs. Visit:

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ISMP’s Christina Michalek co-chaired a workgroup that produced the recent Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety’s white paper on reducing CPOE alert fatigue. Recommendations address overrides, missed notifications, and interruptions posed by CPOE systems, as well as strategies to optimize alerts. For a copy, visit:

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Spend a week, April 12-16, 2021, in our live virtual mentoring with top medication safety leaders. Participants will learn how to build a resilient medication safety infrastructure and gain insights on addressing contemporary safety challenges in their own organizations. No travel required! Even online, the number of registrants is limited to allow for dedicated attention to your learning needs. Save your space by signing up soon:

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ISMP has published a list of the top 10 medication errors and issues covered in the acute care newsletter in 2020. We hope that you incorporate our prevention recommendations in your organization-wide, strategic medication safety improvement plan for 2021! To view the list and access ISMP’s advice on how to manage these risks, visit: