Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Choices for the "New Normal"

The author reflects on the COVID-19 pandemic and six areas where we face decisions about long-term change in the health care system: the speed of learning, standards, working conditions, proximity, preparedness, and equity.

The Moral Determinants of Health

Six items are proposed as an "agenda for action" that physicians, nurses, and US health care institutions could help lead as a shared endeavor for securing the health of communities.

New IHI Chief Executive: "There Is No Quality Without Equity"

Equity is an underpinning consideration in efforts to improve US health care, says Dr. Kedar Mate, the new president and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Mate recently shared his perspectives on health care improvement and leading IHI with HealthLeaders.

Health Care Leaders Commit to Focus on Racial Disparities

At an online summit hosted by the Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness Care, prominent Brigham and Women's surgeon and writer Atul Gawande, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts CEO Andrew Dreyfus, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Kate DeBartolo said they're committed to fixing racial disparities.