Controlled Substance Infusion Waste Process

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What is the actual process for wasting controlled substances infusions at your nursing units?

Does the unit nurse measure out the remaining solution in both the bag and the tubing to document how much volume they are wasting?
If so how is it measured?

If it is not measured, what volume is used to document the waste?
From the infusion device or from the EHR?

Thank you for your insight.

Best Practice for Returning Unused Meds to Pyxis (ADMs)

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Does anyone know of a best practice guideline for a timeline requirement for clinicians to return unused / unopened medications to the automated dispensing machine (Pyxis, Omnicell, etc.) after they've taken the med out of the machine for a patient and then not used them (ie. patient refused, etc.)?

Or, if you don't know of a published guideline, what timeline does your facility require?

Note: I'm not talking about wasting medication, but rather returning unused / unopened medication.

Thanks -

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