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ED dispo and medications

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Hi, what kind of policies and procedures does your institution have for medication orders for patients who are still housed in the ED but awaiting transfer with the disposition orders already in? Who is responsible for assuming care of the patient for medication orders/labs, etc if there is a delay in transfer? This could be situations where there is a transport delay to an outpatient facility. Or the more pressing issue is if there is a freestanding ER and transfer is pending to the main ED but there is delay in the transport or bed availability but disposition orders are already in.

ED Pharmacist Role within Medication Use Process

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Would anybody be interested in sharing policies or procedures around their ED pharmacists' roles and responsibilities as it relates to the medication use process in the Emergency Department?

Interested in information about their roles as it pertains to both trauma and non-trauma situations; preparation of medications with orders and medications removed from ADC on override, as well as the hand-off process when pharmacy obtains med from ADC and/or draws up for administering end user.

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Matthew T Beaulac, PharmD, MS

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