Heparin Drips

RN handoff of heparin infusion during transfer

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Do you have any policy/procedures at your institution requiring an RN to complete an in person handoff with heparin infusions (current rate, last ptt, last titration, etc) when the patient transfers, much like a controlled substance chain of custody handoff.

Your responses are appreciated,

Monitoring Unfractionated Heparin drips

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Hello everyone!
For monitoring of heparin drips, does your facility have standardized times for the lab draws or are they timed after the last result was posted?
For example, UFH level taken at 6am, resulted at 7am, RN saw and adjusted at 7:30 am--would you adjust next q6h level to 1:30 pm or leave it at 12pm? Or do you do q8 hours knowing you will have lags with the posting and adjustments?
Thank you!

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