NMB storage in AWS carts

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I know this topic was posted last year but I wanted to see if there are any organizations that have moved to storing NMBs in lidded bins in anesthesia carts. I reached out directly to ISMP and they responded that the intent of BPR #7 is that NMBs should be in lidded bins/ boxes wherever they are stored within an organization, including the OR. We currently have rocuronium vials stored in lidded bins but we do not have enough room to store succinylcholine syringes in lidded bins. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has been successful with this!

Open matrix drawer- best practices

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Hello from Fulton County, Ohio.

We had a recent near miss/good catch reported by a nurse who obtained a medication from an open matrix drawer in our Omnicell. When attempting to administer using barcoded medication administration, she realized it was the wrong medication, sucralfate instead of isosorbide mononitrate. Upon further investigation, there was more of the wrong medication in the wrong pocket- the 2 medications were stored directly adjacent to one another in the Omnicell open matrix drawer.

Best Practice for Returning Unused Meds to Pyxis (ADMs)

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Does anyone know of a best practice guideline for a timeline requirement for clinicians to return unused / unopened medications to the automated dispensing machine (Pyxis, Omnicell, etc.) after they've taken the med out of the machine for a patient and then not used them (ie. patient refused, etc.)?

Or, if you don't know of a published guideline, what timeline does your facility require?

Note: I'm not talking about wasting medication, but rather returning unused / unopened medication.

Thanks -

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