MSO/OR Pharmacist Wanted for ISMP Presentation

ISMP is conducting a symposium at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim this coming December on medication safety in the perioperative (OR) setting. We are seeking a medication safety officer or operating room pharmacist who has improved medication safety in the perioperative setting to speak with us on what they did to improve medication safety at their hospital. If you have done this and are interested in participating, or can refer us to someone who has done this, please email before August 15th.  Thank you. 

MSOS Events at Medication Safety Collaborative were a Success

The ASHP Medication Safety Collaborative from June 1-4 in Las Vegas, NV which MSOS was a collaborating partner, was a resounding success. Even more of a success was the MSOS member meeting, with over 60 in attendance, where we discussed our new website and listserv, coming out very shortly. We also discussed membership demographics, results of the credential survey, and got input on educational programs. The MSOS reception at Maggiano’s the following night, with 30 people in attendance, was also a successful social event for MSOS members.

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