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Critical Override & ADC Downtime

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We are in the process of reviewing our downtime workflows for automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) and are seeking input around how other organizations are managing medication dispensing and override access during periods when the ADCs are functional, but are not receiving updates from the EHR (e.g., interface down, EHR downtime, etc).

ED Pharmacist Role within Medication Use Process

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Would anybody be interested in sharing policies or procedures around their ED pharmacists' roles and responsibilities as it relates to the medication use process in the Emergency Department?

Interested in information about their roles as it pertains to both trauma and non-trauma situations; preparation of medications with orders and medications removed from ADC on override, as well as the hand-off process when pharmacy obtains med from ADC and/or draws up for administering end user.

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Matthew T Beaulac, PharmD, MS

Medication Override Revew

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Hello All,

As a part of TJC 2018 revisions hospitals must have a policy that describes the types of medicaiton overrides that are reviewed for appropriateness. Would you please share how your organizaions are handling the following.

• What types of medication overrides are hospitals choosing to review?
• If you do not review non-profile ADC overrides, why not?
• What are you looking for to determine in an override is compliant?
• What steps does your practice take to address non-compliance?

Thank you,
Ashley Warnock

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