Fibrinolytic therapy monitoring

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I recently found that our facility has an admission policy saying that any patient given tenecteplase or alteplase needs to stay in the ICU for 12hrs and 24 hrs respectively. I can't find any data that those time periods are required. Alteplase does have specific monitoring parameters for 24 hrs but nothing on ICU length of stay. What do others have for guidelines for ICU length of stay if given these? I'm also curious if others are requiring neuro checks x 24 hrs for these medications for all indications, except line clots?

alteplase for catheter directed thrombolysis

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What alteplase concentration(s) does your institution use for catheter-directed thrombolysis procedures (e.g. 0.02 mg/mL, 10 mg/500 mL)?

If you’re using multiple concentrations, what safety measures have you put in place to minimize concentration mix-ups, specifically order entry errors and smart pump entry errors?

I will compile the results and attach to this discussion thread.

Thank you for your help!


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