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Promethazine alternatives - successes?

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Hi all,
I know many of us are still struggling with how to eliminate injectable promethazine (or at least reduce utilization).
Have any of you had success with offering alternatives via an alternative alert for a provider? If so which meds/doses have been well received?

Ondansetron IV/PO, promethazine PO, prochlorperazine IV/IM? others?

If you have an alternative alert do you allow the provider to continue with original order with documentation of a reason (central line, intolerance to other agents, etc?)


Med Pass - One Patient At A Time

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Per our med administration policy, medications are prepared one patient at a time. I see that this has been discussed in this forum in the past, but has anyone developed a med pass workflow to facilitate nursing units with a 1:6 ratio?

We use Pyxis and it creates a bottleneck on our 1:6 inpatient psych unit that follows unit-specific standard administration times.

Thanks and appreciate any thoughts/feedback.

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