Chemotherapy process

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I was curious is others would be willing to share their process for physician ordering of parenteral chemotherapy and pharmacist order entry/verification, particularly if your EMR is Cerner.

Our process is currently to have orders entered electronically by the provider as a communication order (free text) and the pharmacists transcribes each order, a second pharmacist completes an independent double check prior to compounding. We are currently assessing this practice.

Thank you for your help!

Beacon Chemo orders

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Hi all,

We are an Epic based system and only have Beacon in our outpatient infusion side currently (not inpatient). I was wondering if anyone could share any safety improvements for using Beacon on outpatient infusion side. Specifically:

1. How do you document or keep track of interventions, changes to regimens, or pertinent discussions with MDs? iVents don't work as well in this setting because these orders aren't released yet and each time is a different encounter so it requires a lot of digging..

Medical surveillance for those who handle chemo/hazardous drugs

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USP 800 includes medical surveillance for healthcare workers who handle hazardous drugs as a regular part of their job assignment.
1. How are institutions defining "regular" for this? Staff that handles chemo/HD how frequently?
2. What personnel/departments will you be including in this medical surveillance program? EVS?

Instructions for nursing on how to administer infusions

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This may seem like a silly post for pharmacy....

Does anyone have any instructions on directing nurses on how to administer Infusions? How are they directed to administer primary versus secondary infusions.

The issue is coming up with use of Alaris pumps and guardrails to prevent alarming...then with timing of chemo/investigational meds. In order to time the infusion properly, how do you get the drug through the line when administered as a secondary...keeping in mind that the line has to be cleared of the saline or dextrose. How is the pump programmed?

Hazardous Med Dispensing Practice--Double bag or no Double Bag

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Hi All,
Looking to find out what your practice is when dispensing hazardous medications as defined by NIOSH/OSHA/Your Hospital.

Do you dispense the IV medication inside of a Ziplock bag?

Do you double bag this bag?

Do you require individuals handling the ziplock bag or double bagged medications to wear gloves when handling the outer bag in transport/prior to taking out the medication for administration?

Thank you in advance!

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