cyclosporine solution via enteral tube

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I've seen a variation of this question posted before, but not answered.
How does your organization set the nurse up for cyclosporine administration via enteral tube? The manufacturer supplied syringe is NOT ENFit compatible, creating a difficult situation for administration of this hazardous drug.

Appreciate input from others,
Stacie Ethington MSN, RN-BC
Medication Safety Nurse Specialist
Nebraska Medicine

Cyclosporine oral liquid

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Interested to see how other institutions handle cyclosporine oral solution dispensing. We currently dispense as the bulk bottle with the manufacturer syringe but have seen errors and confusion surrounding utilizing the bulk bottles. I have heard other institutions have made this oral solution a dual sign off product. Curious to see what other ideas are out there.
Thanks -

Maria Cumpston, PharmD, CPPS
Medication Safety Officer
WVU Medicine

Cyclosporine oral solution

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How does your hospital dispense cyclosporine oral solution (Sandimmune or Neoral)? We have PVC-free oral syringes to draw up doses but do you drawn up doses ahead of time i.e the night before or do you dispense doses on demand? The manufacturer recommends only using the syringe provided which does not come with a cap and instructs patients to draw up the dose immediately before use. However this is catered to home use and is not practical for a hospital that needs to dispense to multiple patients from one bottle.

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