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Baxter Sigma Spectrum Rate Variability

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The Baxter Sigma Spectrum infusion pump has a rate accuracy of +/-5%. Over the course of extended infusions (12-24 hours), a +5% variability can cause the infusion to end up to 2 hours early (entire bag is infused, but over less time). This is a concern for abrupt discontinuation of parenteral nutrition.

If you have experienced this phenomenon, with the Sigma or otherwise, I'd be interested to hear how you have mitigated this. We have discussed increasing overfill for all PN orders or patient-specific PN orders.

MRidium pumps in Covid patients

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Hey all,
Wondering if anyone is using or considering use of MRidium (MRI compatible) pumps with remotes in covid19 patients. We are exploring the idea in our icu to minimize PPE use and exposure without extended tubing. Any successes or issues encountered?

We also realized in our exploration that the tubing is only approved for use for 6 hours. Have anyone addressed that issue, if you are using?


Allison Pollock, PharmD
UCSF Medical Center
Medication Safety Specialist

BD Carefusion Alaris Modules - Estimated Useful Life

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I'm interested in learning about other people's experiences as it relates to Alaris Pump Modules and their Estimated Useful Life.

We utilize Alaris Pump Module 8100 and I am trying to obtain information regarding when we should look to update/replace our existing hardware. We have been unable to obtain clear guidelines on this from our BD Carefusion reps.

Infusion Pump Implementation Risk Assessment Tool

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For those who have had the experience in converting infusion pump vendors, have you developed a go-live risk assessment tool that you used and found beneficial? While assessments focused on drug library build would be helpful, I'm mostly looking for areas of risk to focus on related to conversion plan, day-of conversion and implementation.

Purchasing new smart pumps

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Our health system is looking at switching out our current smart pump technology. Prior to sending an RFP, we would like to hear how other institutions are satisfied with their own technology. Please respond to the following questions and thank you in advance for your help!
1. What size hospital are you in?
2. What kinds of pumps do you use and are any of them integrated with your electronic medical record?
3. Overall, do you feel the pumps are performing well in your environment?
4. Do nurses have any complaints with the pumps?

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