Pain scales and pain medication orders

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Good afternoon,

For patients who are unable to verbally communicate pain, do you have separate prn pain medication orders that include the non-verbal pain assessment tool used? Or do you include both verbal and non-verbal pain scales in your prn pain medication orders? Would greatly appreciate it if you could share examples of your orders.
Thank you in advance for any advice or insight you can share!

Duplicate Pain Med for Same Pain scale, but different route

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Hello fellow Med Safety officers.

I am looking to see how other institutions manage duplicate pain medications ordered via different routes, but for the same pain scale to comply with JCAHO's "Med orders are clear & accurate" standard.

For example:
Post-op ortho orders:
Oxy IR 10mg po q4hrs prn severe (7-10) pain
Dilaudid 0.5mg IV q2hrs prn severe (7-10) pain

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