Promethazine alternatives - successes?

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Hi all,
I know many of us are still struggling with how to eliminate injectable promethazine (or at least reduce utilization).
Have any of you had success with offering alternatives via an alternative alert for a provider? If so which meds/doses have been well received?

Ondansetron IV/PO, promethazine PO, prochlorperazine IV/IM? others?

If you have an alternative alert do you allow the provider to continue with original order with documentation of a reason (central line, intolerance to other agents, etc?)


Injectable promethazine removal from formulary

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We have made several steps in removing injectable promethazine from formulary. Our first step (years ago) was to limit administration to IM or IVPB. Currently, we have removed this product from all Epic order sets and ADM – except for those related to post-op. Can anyone comment on how they dealt with anesthesia’s resistance to formulary removal? The group feels like they cannot afford to lose this agent since we can’t procure droperidol and their options are too limited for PONV. I would love to hear some success stories to provide to this group.

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