Rocuronium Effectiveness

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Hello Everyone,

Our anesthesiologists reported that the rocuronium was not effective when used at appropriate doses in three different patients, requiring a second dose. We typically buy rocuronium by auromedics. Has anyone heard of any issues using this manifacturer at your institutions?

Thank you,

Viktoriya Fridman, Pharm.D.
Medication Safety Specialist
Ocean University Medical Center
Brick, NJ

NMB for Clinic Allergen Testing

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We recently had a request for rocuronium to be used in the Allergy clinic for patient sensitivity testing. As I found out, there is primary literature that speaks to allergy testing of NMBs when a patient has anaphylaxis to one of these agents since there is cross-reactivity. I prefer to have pharmacy own this process, to minimize the risk of a NMB used in clinic setting, but would like to hear how others are handling this type of request.

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