CDS for Heparin Drips

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Joel W Daniel
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CDS for Heparin Drips

We are looking for a clinical decision support for heparin drips, though this seems to be a recurrent topic. From what I have gathered (here and with a lit search), I can only find CDS for heparin drips that are either "home grown" or available within EPIC.

Can we look at the following questions:

  1. Can you describe common administration errors when it comes to heparin drips?
    • Inappropriate initial rate for larger patients
    • Titrating off of the wrong lab value
    • Increasing rate and giving a bolus after the drip has been held
  2. Do you use CDS for heparin drips? If so, what EMR and/or CDS vendor do you use?
  3. Do you have a nurse-driven or pharmacist-driven protocol?
    • If you changed during your tenure from one to the other what were some of the advantages/pitfalls you saw?
    • Is the consistent across different types of hospitals (large, medium, CAH)?

Thank you in advance,