Ceftriaxone Reconstitution

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Ceftriaxone Reconstitution

The question relates to the instructions for the ceftriaxone 1 gram vial reconstitution instructions.
The instructions have you instill 2.1 ml of diluent into the 1 gram vial to get a concentration of 350 mg/ml. We have had several Nurses and Pharmacists complete this - each time the average final volume of the vial is 2.4 ml. You would need a final volume of 2.85 ml to get the required concentration.
These instructions are the same across the generic manufacturers of ceftriaxone and we have gotten the same results for more than one generic product and across lot numbers.
The incorrect volume would create a situation where the dose is calculated incorrectly - more than likely for pediatric patients - when being administered.
Have others encountered this issue? The 250 mg/ml instructions do not have the same issue.