Drug Excursions-Temperature/Humidity

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Drug Excursions-Temperature/Humidity

Does anyone have a policy on Temperature and Humidity excursions for Medication Storage within Medication Rooms or Pharmacy. Looking for some good guidance on how long outside of the temperature range before actions are taken (moving items to a new storage space). I have found information concerning manufacturers expiration dating where during their testing they don't even create an reportable incident unless the temperature is greater than plus or minus the acceptable range sustained for a time greater than 24 hrs. And as far as humidity goes....it is of lesser concern unless the medication is outside of the manufacturers original container.

I know this might be a little bit out of the Medication Safety Officers realm but thought I would ask here in case anyone has a good policy on the books or has ran across a good resource besides USP 1079 which doesn't provide much detailed direction on actions.

Thank you!!!