Insulin Pens

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Diane Schultz
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Insulin Pens

I know there has been some recent discussion on this lately, but one of our pharmacists has put together a survey on insulin pens so we really would appreciate any additional insight on the questions below. If easier, you email or private message back with the answers. Once collected we will summarize and post back on the site.
Thanks for your assistance! Diane

1. Do you have insulin pen devices at your institution?
2. Do you have insulin vials at your institution?
3. Does your institution carry both or just one type insulin (pens and vials)?
4. If you institution carries insulin pen devices: what prompted your institution to switch to or add pen devices to formulary?
5. Does your institution have an insulin pen device policy? If so, would you be willing to share this?
6. What types of insulin pens (i.e. Humalog, Novolog, Lantus, etc) does your institution carry?
7. Can a patient have 2 insulin pens (ex. Humalog and Lantus)? 8. What type of errors have you seen with insulin pens?
9. Does your institution carry Tresiba?
10. Where are insulin pens devices stored?
11. Are pens dispensed from the inpatient pharmacy?
12. When patients are discharged, can patients take their insulin pens home? If so, are pen devices relabeled to have appropriate outpatient labeling information?
13. RN training -
 Are all RNs trained to use pens?
 How was this training implemented and what methods were used?
14. Does your institution draw insulin from pen devices (ie. Tresiba is only available as a pen device)
15. Are newly diagnosed patients trained on both insulin pens and vial/syringe at discharge?