Integrated EHR and ambulatory pharmacy

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Mary E. Burkhardt
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Integrated EHR and ambulatory pharmacy

HI All,

My organization has a 35+ year old EHR and it was "boxy but good" to quote the movie actor. It was a mainframe with GUI applications but pharmacy worked in the blue mainframe called VISTA - we could see everything. It was fast and was molded to the highest possible functionality for medication safety (like fully integrated with safety checks in our mail order pharmacy, very sophisticated clinical rules, etc.).

We are transitioning to Cerner and have one site live. We are struggling with the Medication Manager Retail (MMR) module from Cerner as not being anything close to what we had and not designed for integrated health systems with 410,000 employees, 150 hospitals and a few thousand clinics. Specifically, we are interested in which Cerner sites that have MSOs have solved some of the issues we are seeing. We know that many Cerner sites use other retail products but we can't get past needing this to be a functional and fully integrated ambulatory care pharmacy program (i.e. having the same view of the medication profile for prescriber, nurse, pharmacist, techs and patients).

If you use both Cerner and MMR or have experience with MMR that might be helpful, can you please contact me here or off line? I know many of the issues have to have been resolved. (our DoD colleagues also have MMR but their pharmacy model is completely different).

Thank you!!