Operations for Alpha Gal Allergy

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Operations for Alpha Gal Allergy

There was another thread from a few years ago about how you document for a patient alpha gal. However, we are struggling with how to operationalize this. For those with a program set up, can you answer:

  • Who checks their medications inactive ingredients? We search daily med for the individual NDC. But this has lots of holes operationally as this is often done after dispensing.
  • How do you avoid use of meds from the ADC?, as those could have multiple manufacturers.
  • Does the patient's medications go up with the normal ADC-fill?
  • How do you incorporate Nursing?, as they need to be aware too and help to cover any gaps in the process.
  • If you have multiple hospitals, what is different in the process between hospitals?
  • Do you have a written process, so that it isn't reliant on a single person or it can be handed-off if this occurs close to shift change?

Any thoughts in this process would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure that anyone has this hardwired, but this is proving to be a challenge.