Respiratory meds on Alaris pump ?

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Katie Johnson
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Respiratory meds on Alaris pump ?

Background: our respiratory therapy dept was previously using Medfusion syringe pumps for drugs in Aerogen syringes (epoprostenol, ribavirin, etc.), until those pumps were recalled a few months ago, and they were told they had to switch to a different pump. We use Alaris pumps for our IV infusions, and they switched over to Alaris and are currently running these in basic mode.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience/advice to share on this?

1) Compatibility of the Aerogen syringes with Alaris - I have reached out to our BD rep for info on this since they are not listed in the manual as calibrated for use

2) Strategies for building non-IV drugs into Guardrails library (like respiratory, subcutaneous, epidurals)
- Do you have a separate "Respiratory" profile built specifically for them ?
- Or are they within your usual profiles but as separate drug items
- Or are they built as "Fluids"
- How do you name to differentiate from the same drug in IV form?

Thanks in advance for any advice,
Katie Johnson
UK HealthCare