Shellfish or Iodine/Betadine Allergies and Iodinated Contrast

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Tyler Nichols
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Shellfish or Iodine/Betadine Allergies and Iodinated Contrast

In reviewing some data on IV contrast I am finding that there is no cross-reactivity for these agents in patients with shellfish or iodine allergies, despite a common belief that there is.

From the 2022 American College of Radiology Manual on Contrast Media:

"In general, patients with unrelated allergies are at a 2- to 3-fold increased risk of an allergic-like contrast reaction, but due to the modest increased risk, restricting contrast medium use or premedicating solely on the basis of unrelated allergies is not recommended. Patients with shellfish or povidone-iodine (e.g., Betadine®) allergies are at no greater risk from iodinated contrast medium than are patients with other allergies (i.e., neither is a significant risk factor)"

I am looking to see if any EMRs out there are currently flagging these cross-reactivities to see how hard coded this older "myth" might be.

If your system is flagging these, please respond with what level it is flagging and what system you use.

Thanks for your help with this review.