weight-based bolus MAR display in EPIC

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Lauren Gashlin
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weight-based bolus MAR display in EPIC


We have had recurrent errors in our pediatric hospital with programming weight-based bolus doses into the pumps (Alaris). The root cause appears to be the way these are displayed on the MAR: The most common error is programming the "Ordered Admin Dose" (volume in mL calculated from the mg/kg dose and concentration) instead of the "ordered dose" in mg/kg, sometimes resulting in 10 fold errors.

Our EPIC build teams have said there is nothing different that they can do on the MAR, wondering if there are any other EPIC hospitals out there that have found a safer way to display these orders? DERS is employed, challenging to set limits that can prevent these errors with the wide range of appropriate doses.

Thank you!
Lauren Gashlin
UR Medicine, Rochester, NY

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