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RWJF Awards $6.3 Million to 100 Million Healthier Lives Initiative, to Foster Healthier, More Equitable Communities

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The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) today announced an award of $6.3 million from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) that will lead to the expansion of an initiative to advance the health, wellbeing, and equity of communities. The initiative offers community health leaders a groundbreaking opportunity to combine improvement science with transformational leadership skills in order to effect greater, more sustainable change.

Optimizing a Business Case for Safe Health Care: An Integrated Approach to Safety and Finance

Institute for Healthcare Improvement -

Team-based collaboration of safety and financial leaders is necessary to successfully create and present business cases to advance safety initiatives. This toolkit includes specific recommendations and practices for a Safety–Finance Team and provides a framework for understanding, framing, and advancing patient and workforce safety.

What To Expect When You Are Managing A Population Health Coalition

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The prospect of finding partners to achieve more than one could alone is inspiring, and the prospect of losing oneself in the process is frightening. Collaboration among a litany of health care and community-based organizations (CBOs) has become a popular approach to pursuing health improvements in cities and towns across the United States. Lauren Taylor of Health Affairs Blog dives into what to expect when managing a population health coalition.


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