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For Better Patient Care, Providers Must Break the Rules

Institute for Healthcare Improvement -

Regulations can create a major time suck for staff in healthcare facilities, but digging a little deeper into protocols that hospitals follow rigidly could reveal that some rules are made to be broken. That's the conclusion of Don Berwick, M.D., president emeritus of the IHI, and coauthors from the organization, in a Viewpoint article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The Urgent Need to Shine a Bright Light on Healthcare

Institute for Healthcare Improvement -

Although we are aware of the weaknesses in our system, there is a general lack of urgency in healthcare, and it's concerning. The National Patient Safety Foundation's Lucian Leape Institute, which recently merged with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, observed in its 2015 report, "Shining a Light: Safer Health Care through Transparency," that harm from medical errors continues at unacceptable levels and the U.S. healthcare system is buckling under the costs of care.

Keynote Recordings Now Available

Institute for Healthcare Improvement -

2016 marked the 28th year of an event that has shaped the course of health care quality improvement in profound, enduring ways — IHI's annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. This conference is more than a chance to network with nearly 6,000 health care professionals and gain actionable ideas for your organization. It's also an opportunity to play a part in effecting real change in health care quality and safety.

The Value of Teaching Patients to Administer Their Own Care

Institute for Healthcare Improvement -

Some patients are learning how to administer their own treatments outside of the health care setting — from pain management, to dialysis, to intravenous antibiotics. This article describes five keys to a successful approach to implementing patient-administered self-care and provides examples of organizations that have established such initiatives.


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