Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Making Healthcare Safe

Written by Lucian Leape, a pioneer of t​he patient safety movement, this book describes how patient safety became recognized as an important problem, the underlying science, and the efforts to implement changes.

IHI CEO Kedar Mate, M.D., on Overcoming Barriers to Progress on Equity

This article features IHI President and CEO Kedar Mate discussing IHI's health equity poll and Pulse Report​. Dr. Mate discusses key findings from the poll and offers his thoughts on the changes that regulators, payers, and health care delivery organizations must pursue in order to accelerate improvement.

Better Maternal Outcomes Quality Improvement Workbooks

​Developed as part of the Better Maternal Outcomes Rapid Improvement Network, the workbooks contain descriptions, examples, and templates for tools that teams can use to guide their quality improvement (QI) work focused on improving maternal health outcomes and equity.

Medicare Health Quality Measures Get Closer Look in Pandemic

This article focuses on changes in health quality measures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and explores whether they should be made permanent. IHI's President and CEO Kedar Mate discusses the importance of evaluating quality measures through an equity lens and what matters to the patient.