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How Health Systems Can Provide Better Care For Seniors

Last year, the influential John A. Hartford Foundation, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and the American Hospital Association kicked off an initiative called Age-Friendly Health Systems. Their aim is to install a very different model of care in 1,000 hospitals by 2020.

Does Your Doctor Know What You Want?

Age brings a greater risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Does your doctor know what’s important to you? Does he or she know what you want from your health care? Has your physician ever asked? And if so, did the doctor listen to your answer?

WIHI: Creating Age-Friendly Health Systems

April 4, 2017 | Best practices for older or elderly patients aren’t always top of mind, and practitioners don't always know how they might do things differently. Now, a small group of health systems is about to test some new, evidenced-based interventions that promise to model for the rest of the industry.

IHI Summit Convenes Health Improvers, Health Care Professionals, and Community Change Agents in Orlando

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), a leader in health and health care improvement worldwide, kicked off its 18th Annual Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice & the Community, April 20-22 in Orlando, Florida. Against the backdrop of ongoing uncertainty in the US health care sector, hundreds of motivated health improvers, health care professionals, and community change agents are gathered at this year’s Summit to take stock of progress with new, more integrated patient care models and to co-create solutions to new challenges.

WIHI: Who's Your Health Care Proxy?

April 6, 2017 | So, does everyone have a documented health care proxy? None of us likes to imagine being unable able to speak for ourselves when it comes to our health care. But situations arise throughout our lives when we need a trusted person to communicate with doctors and nurses on our behalf. And, if we are facing care decisions near the end of life, a trusted proxy can play a crucial role ensuring our wishes are respected.

Ethiopia: Transforming Healthcare Quality Service

Ethiopia's national document, the Health Sector Development Programme (HSDP) is developed to transform healthcare quality. The ultimate aim of the National Strategy is to consistently ensure and improve the outcomes of clinical care, patient safety and patient-centeredness while increasing access and equity for all segments of society. This editorial describes the ways in which Ethiopia is transforming healthcare quality service.

The Future of Age-friendly Care

As the baby boomer generation ages, health systems face the challenge of providing adequate care to this growing demographic. The John A. Hartford Foundation, Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the American Hospital Association, along with other partners, have launched an Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative to meet the complex needs of aging adults. This new initiative, designed to meet the needs of seniors, could be in 1,000 care sites by 2020.

How Healthy is Your Emergency Department

Kirk B. Jensen, M.D., MBA, a faculty member of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in Boston and chair of IHI's collaborative on Improving Flow in the Acute Care Setting and Operational and Clinical Improvement in the ED, believes when matching your staffing capabilities or capacity to demand, all EDs reach an inflection point.

Pursuing Equity Launch Announcement

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) kicked off a two-year initiative, Pursuing Equity, that aims to reduce inequities in health and health care access, treatment, and outcomes by implementing comprehensive strategies to create and sustain equitable health systems. Nine health care organizations—diverse in size, geography, and patient populations served—will work with IHI and learn from one another.

When Violence Savages American Communities: Important Lessons for Hospitals

This is the first in a yearlong series of articles in which H&HN Senior Writer Marty Stempniak will focus on crucial lessons from hospitals that have responded to the epidemic of violence plaguing our nation. Stempniak will examine mass casualty events like those that occurred in Orlando, Fla., and Dallas, as well as the seemingly intractable day-to-day cycle of violence the afflicts too many American neighborhoods.

IHI and NPSF Will Merge to Drive Nationwide Patient Safety Efforts

Two leading patient safety organizations have agreed to join forces to accelerate efforts to improve patient and workforce safety initiatives. The IHI and the NPSF will merge on May 1, the organizations announced Monday to kickoff Patient Safety Awareness Week. The organizations believe that together they will have a stronger impact on the patient safety movement

IHI, NPSF to Merge, 'Re-energize' Patient Safety Agenda

Two organizations that have played major roles in promoting quality healthcare are merging, according to a joint announcement Monday from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the National Patient Safety Foundation. IHI CEO Derek Feeley will lead the combined organizations, which together are calling for a "coordinated system-wide effort geared at providing safe care delivery across all aspects of care."

IHI, National Patient Safety Foundation Announce Plans to Merge

Two influential Boston-area groups say that patient safety movement is due for a reboot. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement said that it will combine forces with the National Patient Safety Foundation, effective on May 1. As a part of the merge announcement, the NPSF released a public health call that inolves six steps to respond to the current state of preventable adverse events in health care.