Aerogen System for Continuous Nebulized Medications

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Aerogen System for Continuous Nebulized Medications


Our hospital is considering moving to the Aerogen system for continuous nebulized medications (epoprostenol and albuterol) because it offers a non-luer compatible syringe and tubing set as well as a blue colored plunger and tubing to hopefully prevent wrong route errors. We also plan to use a different brand of syringe pump than we use for IV medications per ISMP recommendations.

Are any other centers using this product? If so, I am wondering about the "non-sterile" labeling on the syringe wrapping. Per USP 797, nebulized medications must be packaged in sterile containers by pharmacy. How are other institutions who use Aerogen addressing this issue?

I am very interested to hear about your experiences with this product (or other innovative solutions) as we need to change the way that we administer these continuous nebs and think this represents a major improvement in safety from using IV bags/tubing in IV pumps.

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