Ampho B Bladder Irrigation

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Amy Schatzman
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Ampho B Bladder Irrigation

Hi All,
We are wondering how everyone is handling the administration of ampho B bladder irrigation. Unlike other bladder irrigations, it is infused at a prescribed rate (42 mL/hr). Nursing has been using IV pumps to control the rate. Unfortunately, there is no irrigation tubing available compatible with the IV pump so the nurses have created a workaround by using modified IV tubings for this purpose. We are obviously not comfortable with this so we wonder how everyone else is handling this.
1. Is ampho B bladder irrigation still used in your facility?
2. If yes, is this an issue for you? Do you use a pump (or count drip rate)? Do you use IV tubing or have you found compatible irrigation tubings compatible foryour pump?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Amy Schatzman, Pharm.D.
AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center