Cerner and Abacus for TPN orders

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Cerner and Abacus for TPN orders

We're in the process of rolling out BCMA and have gotten a little more than 50% of the way through this.
We're a pediatric hospital and we still prepare all TPNs on-site.
We use ABACUS for TPN processing. Prior to BCMA our workflow was to affix all products with an Abacus patient label.
Post go-live with BCMA, the workflow changed such that we're now having to affix 2 labels on TPN bags. The Abacus label with the list of detailed ingredients for the TPN, and now a Cerner label which contains the barcode that's needed for the RN to scan.
We're now managing double the paper"load" with 2 sets of labels and have already run into issues where staff has mixed up 2 patients labels on one bag.

Does anyone use these 2 systems for TPN processing who wouldn't mind sharing your processes.

We average between 40-50 TPNs/day PLUS lipids. When census and volume goes up we've processed as many as 75 /day. ( which is sheer nightmare).