Commercially Manufactured Eye Drops Expiration - Inpatient Use

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Robert A Kahns
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Commercially Manufactured Eye Drops Expiration - Inpatient Use

To all,

I received a request regarding multiple use, commercially produced eye drops and the assigned beyond use date should be 28 days. I have seen the data regarding expiration of multiple use eye drops when administered to multiple patients in the healthcare settings.

Practice Setting: Long term psychiatric hospitalization in the State of WA. Most patients are admitted greater than 30 days. Not currently a CMS certified facility.

Current Practice for dispensing commercially prepared eye drops:

1. The eye drops are dispensed from the pharmacy to be used by a single patient.
2. Current beyond use date assigned is one year when the manufacturer's expiration date is greater than one year.
3. If the manufacturer expiration dating is less than one year, this date is used for beyond use date.
4. Expiration dates are reduced if known from package insert i.e. latanoprost after removing from refrigeration.

Are there CMS/Joint Commission requirements giving guidance on assignment of beyond use dating as we wish to abide by any CMS requirements? Or is there a best practice to follow?

Thanks for any input,

Robert Kahns, PharmD, BCPP