Employee Flu Vaccine

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Employee Flu Vaccine

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to get feedback from the group on decentral employee flu vaccine safety. At my center, employee flu vaccination is provided during vaccine clinics as well as on each unit. The current practice for decentral employee flu vaccine is the pharmacy provides each unit with flu vaccine, needles and necessary paperwork for documentation. Vaccination is then administered by nursing to members of the unit. We recently had an error where the wrong vaccine was filled, delivered to a unit and administered. The process we have circumvents almost all safety mechanisms we have in place for med delivery and administration for patients. I would like to eliminate this practice and focus on administration in vaccine clinics and employee health but am looking for feedback from others.

Does your hospital offer decentral employee flu vaccine?

If so, what safety mechanisms do you use to ensure the correct vaccine is delivered and given to the employee?

HAs anyone eliminated this practice from their hospital?

Thank you in advance!


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