for facilities using Horizon's Meds Manager - IV fills

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for facilities using Horizon's Meds Manager - IV fills

Hi all,
Our department is reviewing our IV processes for efficiency and waste reduction.
We are not a 24/7 operation and currently run 1 24hr fill list a day for our in-patient pharmacy-prepared IV meds.
We utilize Horizon's Meds Manager as our PIS.

We are investigating running a 2nd IV fill with the goal of reducing the number of IVs we process for patient's who get discharged within that 24hr period. This would reduce the IV room workload as well as reduce medication waste.

We are being told that HMM is not capable of running multiple IV fill lists in a 24hr period.

Does anyone out there using HMM run multiple IV (or oral) medication fills in a 24hr period??
If yes, I'd love to know your process and your processing times :)

Thanks in advance,
Charlene Haluk-McMahon
Medication Safety Coordinator
Windsor Regional Hospital
Windsor, Ontario, Canada