Hazardous IV Compounding

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Hazardous IV Compounding

I am working on cleaning up our processes for our new IV cleanrooms. Could someone tell me what your processes are for the NIOSH group 2 and 3 rated hazardous drugs? Do you use the Hazardous cleanroom to compound this group of medications? Specifically phenytoin, fosphenytoin and ganciclovir(group 2) and pamidronate, oxytocin, valproate, voriconazole, zometa(group 3 reproductive risk only).

Also, do you prime your tubing with a different bag of solution or do you prime with the same bag(the bag of solution that you are using to compound with)? We do not currently have in place a process where the nurses are always flushing post infusion for small piggybacks. Most of the hazard drugs we have identified only need compounded in 100ml, some 250ml of solution so there can be significant amount of medication left in the tubing.

Appreciate any feedback/suggestions! Thanks!

Heather Queen
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