Insulin IV syringe hyperkalemia

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Insulin IV syringe hyperkalemia

ISMP states that
Luer-compatible insulin syringes. Carefully evaluate whether luer-compatible needleless insulin syringes are needed in certain patient care units (e.g., critical care, emergency department). BD and Monoject offer these syringes; for an example, click here. Due to the risk of inadvertent use for subcutaneous insulin doses that could then be accidentally administered IV, limiting use of these syringes for pharmacy-dispensed insulin doses or in hyperkalemia kits is preferred. If the syringes are made available in certain units, separate their storage from other insulin and parenteral syringes (e.g., stock only in code carts, away from other syringes) so they are less likely to be inadvertently mixed up, and ensure they are not automatically removed from stock due to low use.

We were aware of 2 products
1. BD Insulin syringe – This was discontinued
BD (#132) will no longer be offering the BD 1 mL Insulin Luer-Lok™ Syringe (SKU 309629). BD will continue to make product available for sale and fill orders through May 31, 2020 or until current inventory is depleted. Additional details, including potential substitutions, are provided in the attached letter.

2. Monoject Insulin Syringes – see attached article – we are told that this will not be available to new customers until some time after July

What are people using for administering IV insulin – a product number would be most helpful
thank you