Magnesium Sulfate 50% for Eclamptic Seizures

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Stephen Rolfe
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Magnesium Sulfate 50% for Eclamptic Seizures

Good morning!

Our L&D group recently requested that we stock 10 or 20 mL vials of magnesium sulfate 50% on override in their ADC for the treatment of eclamptic seizures. This would be used for IM injection (5 gm in each buttock) if the patient does not have IV access. A few questions for the group:

1. Do you stock magnesium sulfate 50% vials in an ADC for the treatment eclamptic seizures? If yes, what vial size?

2. Do you have this medication on override?

3. If you stock in the ADC, do you have any safeguards in place to prevent inadvertent IV administration? Example – a custom clinical data category in Pyxis

Thanks in advance!

Stephen Rolfe, PharmD, BCCCP
Medication Safety and Compliance Officer
Maine Medical Center