Narcan dosage forms

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Karin Terry
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Narcan dosage forms

Hello! I was hoping to get some feedback regarding which dosage form of naloxone you are using at your institution.

We currently use the 2mg/ml syringe in our crash carts, but have the 0.4mg/ml vial in the Pyxis machines. The initial thought when it was set up years ago was that the bigger dose in the syringe was more appropriate for a code or respiratory arrest situation. The smaller dose in the vial was best for respiratory depression with PCAs, IV opioids, etc.

The concern we now have is that we have had some codes which need a second dose of naloxone, but the dose the nurses have in the Pyxis is not the same as the one in the crash cart. This has led to confusion in an already stressful situation.

We are hoping to completely eliminate the 0.4mg/ml vial in the adult population and standardize the 2mg/ml syringe in both the crash cart and Pyxis. The syringe is marked at 0.5mg increments, which is obviously different than the 0.4mg vial and there wouldn't be any dilution required.

Can you share what you are doing with your naloxone products? Do you only use one type of naloxone for all indications? Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Karin Terry
Medication Safety Pharmacist
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Peoria, IL.