Pharmacy med delivery and standard administration times

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Pharmacy med delivery and standard administration times

We have been having some issues with "missing medications" related to standard administration times. To help us solve this can you answer the following.
Ideally, only pediatric dispensing please answer as we know those doses all have to be drawn up individually rather than a standard stock dose that can be stored in Pyxis...(Thanks)

I hope this makes sense to you...

1) What EHR platform are you using?
2) Do you have a set standard administration time (SAT) for q24hr meds?
3) If yes to 2, when a new order is placed (say a routine order and not STAT) for a q24hr med and it is after its standard administration time but still significantly before the scheduled dose (at least 12 hours or more)--do you have a process for the generation of a dose to be delivered before the next regular fill?
4) If you do have a process is it manual or automatically built into your system.
5) Lastly, if the nurse re-times medications to be given off of the usual SAT are those times immediately visible by pharmacy to determine if enough doses have been delivered before the next scheduled delivery or is the re-timing only captured with the next run?

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