REMS Reason List to Place Order

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REMS Reason List to Place Order


I an interested in learning how your organization approaches REMS Alerts for the clinician/prescriber to acknowledge to order these agents.

We have an alerts built in our CPOE system to inform prescriber what actions they need to complete to order REMS agents.

Example: REMS Alert

FDA REMS DRUG - By ordering this medication I acknowledge that I have completed the FDA REMS certification requirements and I am an authorized prescriber.

To become a certified prescriber go to

Patient Enrollment Required - YES Patient Informed Consent Required – YES Medication Guide - YES

I need to develop a list of reasons for the prescriber/RN/RPh to select for each role. Prescriber - I have completed the require REMS Program documents, I have checked pregnancy status, etc.

Please provide any suggestions for the reason list.

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