Transitions of Care --- Maintaining an Accurate Medication List

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Transitions of Care --- Maintaining an Accurate Medication List

Hello everyone,

I am curious to learn more about policies/processes involved with Medication History/Inventory in systems with both ambulatory medical offices and inpatient facilities using the same EHR.

What we are currently challenged with is the very different approach these two care areas tend to require (see example below).

This really complicates maintaining a clean medication list as orders must be continually reconciled from split line items to singular orders and vice versa.

Question: How are your sites managing transitionary upkeep of a universal health system home medication list? (For reference, we use Cerner as EHR)



Different dose, different time of day -

Ambulatory = Take 1 tablet in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening
- Represented as a single prescription line item

Inpatient = Split into two orders to accommodate a codified schedule
- Order #1 = 1 tablet in the morning (0900)
- Order #2 = 2 tablets in the evening (2100)

The same sort of dilemma might arise from range orders.

Thank you,