Triptodur vs. Trelstar confusion

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Jameika M. Stuckey
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Triptodur vs. Trelstar confusion


Are any of your institutions experiencing any issues with providers ordering the incorrect product (Triptodur- indicated for central precocius puberty vs. Trelstar- indicated for the palliative treatment of advanced prostate cancer) from an ERX perspective if you are an EPIC customer? We are a Medispan site and unfortunately both products are listed as triptorelin pamoate. They are administering the correct one in clinic as they have only one depending on the type of clinic and the tremendously different indications. But we recently had a provider noticed that it appeared in the patients medications that they had not received an antineoplastic in several months and just wanted to know why the triptorelin wasn't showing under that category for a couple months. We noted the difference in the ERXs and one is (Trelstar) is categorized as an antineoplastic and the other (Triptodur) is not.

I did note that Trelstar lists triptorelin pamoate in the name everywhere, and Triptodur list triptorelin only and you have to search the package insert under description to note the pamoate salt.

How are you guys combatting confusion surrounding this?

Jameika Stuckey, PharmD
Univ of Mississippi Medical Center