Event Reporting (Med/Fluid & ADR) in your Health System

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Event Reporting (Med/Fluid & ADR) in your Health System

I was writing today to inquire about Error Reporting Systems and the maintenance and management of this system at your Health Systems / Organizations.

Specifically I'm interested in:
1) The involvement from varying departments (including Risk, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medication Safety, etc.) and breakdown for who does what / when?
2) Who reviews Medication/Fluid related events in your institution? Who has the ultimate responsibility for tagging, coding, investigating and following-up on events?
3) If there is a single person assigned to this task, what percentage of their time is spent on Event Review?
4) Have you implemented any sort of "triage" person or process to reduce the workload or burden - and would you be willing to share your experience?

Thanks so much in advance for any insight into your practice!