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During the first four months of COVID vaccine administration, ISMP has received more than 160 voluntary reports associated with a variety of error types, including wrong administration technique and incorrect storage and handling. This week’s free ISMP newsletter featured article provides an up-to-date analysis of vaccine errors as well as safe practice recommendations:

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ISMP’s nationally recognized experts are here to support you, even during the pandemic! Our multidisciplinary consulting team can offer medication safety solutions for healthcare facilities of all sizes and settings, virtually or in person. Whether you need assistance getting you medication safety program started, identifying potential issues, or solving ongoing problems, we can help. For more information on services tailored to your specific needs, visit:

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The Joint Commission has released a new sentinel event alert on optimizing smart infusion pump safety with DERS that references ISMP guidelines and recommendations. For a copy of the alert, visit:

To access ISMP’s smart pump guidelines:

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Don’t miss a unique opportunity to maximize your error prevention efforts and look at your organization through the eyes of leading safety experts! Register for the virtual ISMP Medication Safety Intensive Workshop on April 22 & 23 and learn how to develop a program that can meet current challenges and use data for sustained improvement. Visit:

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This week’s free ISMP newsletter featured article is a follow-up to our December article on how to improve complete delivery of small-volume intermittent IV infusions, and provides additional recommendations from major US smart pump infusion vendors on how to prevent medication loss in tubing. Visit: