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Due to shortages of neuromuscular blocking agents needed for critically ill COVID-19 patients, the FDA has allowed temporary manufacture of these drugs without the usual statement: “Warning: Paralyzing Agent” on the vial cap. The lack of a warning statement may make vials look similar to other medications and lead to possible confusion and errors. For ISMP recommendations to avoid mix-ups and ensure safe storage, visit:

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A single strategy, particularly one as weak as education alone, is rarely enough to change behaviors and prevent medication errors. Instead, numerous high-leverage risk-reduction strategies than improve system reliability must be layered together to create a more robust safety system. For more on education’s weaknesses as an intervention and a list of key ISMP strategies for improvement, see the latest ISMP newsletter featured article:

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Sign up now for the next MSOS Member Briefing webinar scheduled to be held on Thursday, May 21, 2020 from 1:00-2:00 PM ET.
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Short medication safety-related presentations for this webinar will include:

• Medication Safety in the Perioperative Area
Allison Hanson, PharmD, BCPS
2019-2020 ISMP International Medication Safety Management Fellow
Institute for Safe Medication Practices

• Training on Just Culture and Responding to Events Using a Decision Tree
Rabih Dabliz, PharmD, FISMP
Senior Manager, Quality & Medication Safety Services
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

• ISMP Update
Michael R. Cohen, RPh, MS, ScD (hon.), DPS (hon.), FASHP
Institute for Safe Medication Practices

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Please see this special alert posted by ISMP regarding inaccuracies in electronically generated medication histories. Read here:

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This week ISMP’s special edition newsletter provides information on a near miss dosing error with ascorbic acid, which was being used to hasten COVID-19 recovery. The newsletter also provides a summary of insights from a webinar on the response of two health systems impacted by the pandemic. Visit: